Frequently Asked Questions

I keep getting rejected when I try to book activities?

Make sure your child meets all the essential information such as age, SEND, lives in the local area for example as providers have set some restriction, which are different for each provider.

If there are no restrictions then use the HAF number you have been sent for your child ( the HAF number in grey in the box is an example only) no spaces or brackets at the beginning or end. Make sure you are using the parent email address that you used to register your child/ children for HAF as if the HAF number and Email address do not match you will be rejected. This is to make sure that if someone else adds your HAF number by mistake they cannot see your personal details.

Is food provide or does my child need to bring a packed lunch?

Food will be provided at every activity. You would have given us your child’s dietary needs when you registered, we will pass these onto the provider.

Can parents stay with their children at activities?

Some activities are family activities where parents must stay, some activities parents can’t stay because of safeguarding. Every activity will tell you if it is a family activity where you must stay or a child only activity where you can’t stay. If your child is not confident on arrival most providers will let you stay for the first 10 minutes until they are reassured.

Do I have to pay for some activities?

All activities are free, however there may be times where you choose to buy additional things (such as a souvenir from a trip to the zoo)

Can me and my partner attend?

We maximise spaces at activities for HAF Children, therefore if it is a family activity we limited space to one adult per family.

Can my carer attend?

If this activity allows we can discuss any special requests like this on a case by case basis. Email with your requirements.

My youngest child is not old enough to register for HAF can they come?

Activities are funded only for children aged 5-16 years. It might be best to book children only activities.

Is this activity suitable for my child?

You know and understand your child’s needs and abilities best. The activity descriptions and essential information will help you to decide.

Is my school running a holiday club?

This depends on your school, some are, some aren’t, it’s always best to check with your school.

I can’t attend can I have something else or change my booking ?

Any session you do not or are unable to attend will not be changed or exchanged for other activities, there are too many children, providers and activities to mange this.

I need to register for Free School Meals

To apply visit

I have children already registered but my 5 year old isn’t eligible for Free School Meals can they register for HAF?

Unfortunately as the criteria states that children must be Free School Meal eligible to register for HAF they will not be able to register and have a unique HAF code to book activities.