Booking for Easter

Due to the families of 5000 children all accessing the system at the same time the new process we have put in place has now crashed. There is no easy way around this, and we are trying our very best to do everything we can to sort this out as quickly as possible. We understand this is not ideal! we can assure you though that as soon as the system is back up and running all emails, with booking link and HAF IDs will be sent out. Once we are confident that all HAF ids have been shared, booking will open. 

Keep checking your emails (including your Spam folders) and on our social media platforms where we will keep you updated. If we have not been able to resolve this issue by 9pm tonight, we will keep bookings closed until 5pm tomorrow. 

We know you value how hard we work and are truly sorry for this delay. We would really appreciate your understanding and patience as we try to be fair to you all 

Many Thanks 

The HAF Team 

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