Black Country Wellbeing Centre really is a centre of FUN!

Adam and Wade are the Directors of the centre, and they really know how to support the children in the community and have been for four years offering indoor and outdoor activities.  They have been part of HAF since the start and have been delivering HAF activities for the last year and a half. During the Easter holiday, they worked with the HAF team and delivered exciting activities for the children in the surrounding area. The centre, is supported by an amazing group of volunteers, some of them just aged 15-16years – they are dedicated at looking after and supporting the younger ones – Adam is really keen to encourage inter-generational activities.

Below are some of the things the young people have shared about the centre

I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s got really good community spirit”

We’ve been dancing, some arts and crafts – today we designed an Easter poster

It’s a really good place to make new friends”

 Just a few of the amazing activities that took place were boxing, sports, dance, nerf guns, yoga, music, arts and crafts and all provided with amazing, tasty food daily…and a smile. The Black Country Wellbeing boys will be running activities over the summer 2022, so keep an eye out and get booking on the 8th June!

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